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Do you want to buy or sell commercial space ?

Our commercial real estate department is a true specialist when it comes to commercial real estate. We cover all areas, working with professionals and private individuals to organise the sale or rental of offices, commercial arcades, commercial premises, industrial and logistical premises, warehouses, shopping centres, buildings or data centres.
Our team is made up of brokers recognised on the market for their professionalism and enthusiasm. We can offer a wide variety of commercial spaces for rent, purchase and sale on the Swiss market, as well as a selection of consulting services to accompany you in your professional real estate strategy.

Renting your commercial property

Tenant search

Whether you are looking to rent offices, retail space or industrial premises, the presence of our numerous agencies in various cantons enables us to help property owners to rent their vacant spaces as quickly as possible, thereby optimising the value of their real estate portfolio.

For each property to be marketed, we implement a personalised and innovative strategy, using the best digital tools on the market

Search for commercial premises

Our department helps you to find the best premises for your company. We understand that you may not have the time or the know-how in commercial real estate to undertake the search on your own. We also offer you professional and personal support to advise you on your search for new premises. With this in mind, we accompany you at every stage of the process, from the definition of your real estate needs to the conclusion of your new lease.

Management of premises

Once your tenants and premises have been found, the DBS group can manage your commercial premises for you. Our property management department is made up of experts in residential and commercial properties, and offers comprehensive property management services.

Selling your commercial space

Our team is highly skilled when it comes to commercial real estate transactions. After estimating the market value of your property and defining a personalised marketing strategy, we make use of our experience to sell your property at the best market conditions.

Your commercial real estate broker evaluates and develops the appropriate concept and strategy based on the buyer’s needs on a case-by-case basis. Whether you are setting up, expanding, restructuring or optimising your premises, each situation requires its own specific approach. Our service systematically includes technical and administrative advice from our real estate professionals, combined with assistance with your contractual commitments. Thanks to the synergies offered by our group, we work hand in hand with our space planning and design department to provide you with the best possible advice on space planning for commercial properties.

Purchasing commercial space

The real estate market is becoming increasingly complex, not only in terms of regulations but also with regard to changing business needs. That’s why our team of experts analyses your portfolio, your needs and your real estate project, and offers you a wide range of services and advice to find the most suitable solution for your situation.

Whether you want us to assess the value of your property, to define rent in line with the market, to set up a strategy to increase the value of your property portfolio, or to assist you with the development of commercial properties, we can help you to implement your projects successfully.

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