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Are you a co-owner looking for a manager for a joint-ownership property?

Our real estate agencies Domicim, Brolliet, Duc Sarrasin & Cie, Gribi Bewirtschaftung AG, Guinnard Bruchez Gaillard and contrust immobilien AG specialise in areas including the management of condominiums and joint-ownership properties. Our property management companies ensure the complete management of your condominium, including technical, administrative, legal and financial aspects.

We are well aware that the management of joint-ownership properties requires specific skills. In each region, experts within the group are dedicated exclusively to the administrative, financial and technical management of joint ownership properties in order to offer you a complete monitoring and follow-up service.

Enjoy life with peace of mind, we’ll take care of the rest!

Administrative management

The management of a condominium requires discipline and organisation in administrative matters so that the various tasks can be monitored correctly by the set deadlines. Our role is to relieve you of all this tedious paperwork. We take care of the following tasks for you, among others:

  • Convening and holding general meetings of co-owners
  • Drafting minutes of meetings
  • Managing miscellaneous correspondence
  • Mediating between co-owners
  • Verifying and implementing decisions made during general meetings in accordance with the administrative rules
  • Providing legal support for managing disputes

Financial management

The financial management of a joint-ownership property by the co-owners is not a simple matter and can in some cases become a source of stress or conflict. We want our co-owners to live in peace and harmony, which is why we take charge of the complete management of the condominium’s bank accounts as well as all the associated budgeting responsibilities. 

  • Drawing up the annual accounts and auditing the accounts
  • Establishing the co-owner’s service charge statements according to the legal distribution weightings
  • Answering questions from the auditors
  • Following up on litigation and recovery procedures
  • Managing the caretaker’s salary by first class professionals

Technical management

Your condominium needs to be maintained and looked after to ensure its longevity. The condition of the building must be constantly monitored, and minor maintenance work should not be taken lightly. In close collaboration with the technical managers, our joint-ownership property managers are able to anticipate which interventions your property will require. We advise all owners on the decisions to be made to ensure that the building remains in good condition and that its users are satisfied.  

  • Monitoring of work and planning of major renovation projects
  • Claims handling and insurance follow-up
  • Requests for quotes in advance 
  • Permit applications
  • Hiring of a caretaker and drawing up specifications
  • Caretaker follow-up
  • Budgeting
  • Managing insurance and maintenance contracts 
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Logging in to your co-owner’s space

Our group allows its co-owners to benefit from a secure area entirely dedicated to their joint-ownership property. This area enables each co-owner to consult the official documents and accounts of their joint-ownership property, and to download all the usual information they may need.
This digital solution is only accessible via personal access details which are directly communicated by your manager in order to keep them confidential and secure.

Framework contracts with our approved companies

Co-owners also benefit from framework contracts that we have negotiated with our main suppliers in order to obtain financial conditions that are proportional to the volume of our business.

In addition, our group only engages suppliers who meet our quality charter. This ensures that our customers receive high-quality service at all times. These suppliers can be found in our “Les Bonnes Adresses” database, where each company is listed by trade.

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