Putting a property up for rent

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Do you want to rent out your property?

Our residential rental service is aimed at landlords who wish to receive a tailor-made, high-quality service, with a view to renting out their property and optimising their rental income.

Re-letting your property in 6 steps

We offer a number of personalised services to owners who wish to entrust us with their properties. We advise you throughout the 6 steps of the rental process :

Emeria Services Pictogramme Estimation Locative
Rental estimate file
Emeria Services Pictogramme Mandat De Location
Rental mandate 
Emeria Pictogramme Commercialisation
Emeria Services Pictogramme Visite Et Suivi
Visits and follow-up
Emeria Services Pictogramme Analyse Des Dossiers Locataire
Analysis of tenant files
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Enhancing the value of your property

A number of marketing services are available to help property owners enhance the value of their property. Our group’s specially designed visibility package allows clients to benefit from professional photo and video shoots, digital campaigns, home staging and even publications in the local press.

Our advantageous services for tenants

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The rental pass

Paying the equivalent of 3 months’ rent when moving into a new home is not necessarily easy. That’s why we offer our tenants a rental pass, which makes life easier for tenants and offers guarantees to building owners. Tenants who choose the rental pass when signing their lease do not need to provide a rental guarantee. We do this for a monthly fee. No annual premium and no management fees: the rental pass is the most advantageous solution. For example, for a monthly rent of CHF 1,000.00, it costs just CHF 13.00 per month. This amount is billed at the same time as your rent, so there is no separate payment.

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The tenant’s area

In order to make life easier for its tenants, our group has set up an area that is specially designed for them, where they can find all sorts of useful information.
Via the tenant’s area, it is possible to:

  • Contact your building manager
  • Fill in a request for intervention if a technical problem occurs in the accommodation
  • Consult practical factsheets on various subjects such as the inventory of fixtures or rent guarantees
  • Consult Frequently Asked Questions
  • Download rental application forms and powers of attorney as PDF files.
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Online application

To save you having to waste time printing out the application form, filling it in manually and going to the agency! We are well aware that searching for a flat or house to rent is time-consuming and tedious, given that a full application file must be compiled for each property.

That’s why we have developed an online application system on our search engine which saves a considerable amount of time. All you have to do is click on the “Apply” button that appears on each advertisement for a flat, parking space or commercial area for rent. Then follow the instructions, enter all your personal information through our 100% secure system, and directly attach the complete file with your salary slips, credit certificate and identity documents. In just a few clicks, your application is complete and will be sent directly to the employee in charge of re-letting the property.

Emeria Services Pictogramme Certificat De Solvabilite Instantane

An instant credit certificate

Often, rental properties are re-let within a few weeks. This requires quick reactions from prospective tenants who need to put together a complete application. Unfortunately, it can take several days to obtain documents such as the extract from the debt enforcement register and to prepare a complete file to send to the building management companies. We realise that this can lead to lost opportunities and frustration. That’s why we accept CreditTrust credit certificates, which can be ordered online in just a few clicks.

CreditTrust certificates improve the flexibility and reactivity of your property search whilst ensuring your creditworthiness.

Management of your property

We would be happy to help if you would like to have your property managed to save you having to deal with the technical, financial and administrative follow-up of your property. You can entrust us with the management of your property at any time according to your needs. We are always on hand to listen to your needs and will take care of your property as if it were our own !

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