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Want to sell your house or flat ?

Selling a house or flat is a milestone in anyone’s life. Entrusting our group with this task will ensure the success of your project in the best possible conditions. Our thirty real estate brokers present throughout Switzerland guarantee efficiency, rapidity and security.

Whatever your sales project, our real estate brokers will help you to sell your property at the right price with complete peace of mind thanks to their detailed knowledge of the local market.

Training and certification

Through its various brands, our group is one of the principle members of the USPI Suisse Romande (Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals) and the SVIT (Swiss Real Estate Association). The strict demands in terms of monitoring and precision require extreme professionalism and ethics on our part. What is more, our brokers receive regular training in the sale of flats and houses, as well as in all the latest practices on the real estate market, particularly with regard to valuation and digital promotion.

Selling your property in 6 steps

1 - Valuation file

Start by estimating your property online in a few clicks, then get in touch with one of our regional brokers who will fine-tune the valuation using their knowledge of the local market. An on-site visit is essential to gather the information needed to put together your personalised valuation file.

2 - Sales mandate

Kryo, Reverso, Premium or Easymandate, the choice of sales mandate is yours! Our brokers are there to guide and advise you according to your needs and the type of property for sale.

3 - Marketing

We do everything we can to give your property optimum visibility on the market. Our marketing department will advise you on the use of online or offline campaigns. At the same time, we search for potential buyers through our national agency network and keep up-to-date reports on the visibility of our ads.

4 - Visits and follow-up

We manage all visits on your behalf, after first selecting and analysing qualified buyers. We screen potential buyers in advance so that we only introduce you to candidates who meet the necessary prerequisites through a series of visits.

5 - Offer management

Each new property entrusted to us undergoes a thorough market study that takes advantage of the knowledge of the broker in charge of selling your property. The sales file is sent directly to potential buyers registered in our client portfolio, whose search criteria are repeatedly monitored throughout the year in a personalised manner. We work with leading financing agencies in order to obtain the best financial conditions for each sale.

6 - Sale

We supervise all the final stages in the sales process, from requesting the deed of sale to handing over the keys. This ensures that the sales contract with the notary can be signed in the best possible conditions.

Our personalised sales mandates

Our group adapts to the specific characteristics of its markets in different cantons. To do so, we have created various mandates that allow us to offer you the solution that best suits your wishes, the type of property and the region.

Kryo mandate

In French-speaking Switzerland, Domicim gives its various markets a new way of selling properties via the Kryo mandate, which freezes the sales commission at a fixed price. Regardless of the selling price of your property, the sales commission is fixed at CHF 12,500 plus VAT.

Premium and easy mandate

Traditional sales mandate that offers you a quality of service ranging from the simplest to the most personalised, according to your needs.

Estimate your property in a few clicks!

Don’t wait any longer – take the first step with our online estimation tool, which is available at any time. Obtain a reliable and accurate assessment of the sales value of your property free of charge and without obligation.

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Your seller’s area

Our group has created an interface for all our buyers and sellers, designed especially for them and accessible at all times!
Different functions in the buyer’s/seller’s area allow our clients and prospects to closely monitor the property ads available on the market, after entering the details in our search engine via a secure access.
This enables clients who are selling property to view the statistics of their ad to monitor the marketing process. They can see the number of views as well as the number of times the property has appeared in a potential buyer’s search.
Conversely, clients who are selling property can save their search criteria and ads in their favourites.

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