Developing and/or marketing a new real estate project or programme?

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Are YOU a landowner, developer or architect who wants to:

  • Develop a new real estate project and/or programme?
  • Build a new property on your land?
  • Sell your land?
  • Market a new project?
  • Delegate your advertising management and supervise its progress?
  • Ensure the commercial success of your advertising?

Drawing on its successful experience working on a large number of new projects and programmes, our “Monitoring & Marketing” department can assist you at every stage of your project (product definition, design and marketing) to guarantee its success.

Whether your property is intended for sale (residential joint-ownership properties and/or investment properties), for residential rental or to be kept as an investment property as part of your portfolio, we provide you with full support. We also offer services adapted to your needs and the objectives of your project depending on its progress, right through to the marketing stage.

The 3 stages of our support

Emeria Pictogramme Etude Et Analyses
Study and analysis
Emeria Pictogramme Commercialisation
Emeria Pictogramme Etude Et Analyses
Monitoring & finalisation

1. Study and analysis

Before any marketing can begin, a careful analysis / study of real estate market trends is necessary to ensure that the optimal product (type of accommodation, surface areas, etc.) for the target clientèle (tenants, owners and/or users) corresponds to demand (typology, ideal programming, etc.) and to check that its price is in line with the market.

Emeria Services Pictogramme Analyse Du Marche

Market analysis

  • Competitive analysis / Competitive property market analysis
  • Local and regional economy
  • Study of the demographic structure
  • Situation and environment (location, amenities)
Emeria Services Pictogramme Espace Locataire

Analysis of the potential project

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendation in terms of typology, surface areas
  • Recommendation regarding the marketing price
  • Positioning in relation to the market

2. Marketing

  • Set the objectives
  • Determine the marketing strategy

Thanks to its knowledge of the market and experience working on a large number of projects and new programmes, our “Monitoring & Marketing” department is at your side right from the start in order to advise you and help you to adapt your project to the market.

A global commercial strategy will be developed and defined by implementing digital tools, communication plans, marketing actions and events in order to optimise the marketing of your project.

You benefit from total transparency on all the actions undertaken and performed, as well as on business/marketing progress by means of various tools and regular reporting sessions.

3. Monitoring & finalisation

A complete, personalised service and the expertise of our “Monitoring & Marketing” department, at your side throughout the construction of your project.
Our expertise at your service to make your project a success!

Emeria Services Pictogramme Objectifs

Our objectives:

  • To lessen the burden for you by providing optimal solutions
  • To facilitate the monitoring of the project, which remains your responsibility
  • To propose partial or global assignments that are structured and that meet specific needs
  • To provide assistance with administrative, legal, financial and technical aspects
  • To give you advice and support to ensure the success of your advertising
Emeria Services Pictogramme Avantages

Your benefits:

  • One contact person for the whole project
  • A specific or global service adapted to your needs
  • Direct coordination with the marketing team
  • Personalised support throughout the marketing process
  • Marketing and digital solutions and technologies
  • Implementation of a strategy in line with the project and the market
  • Successful experience in a large number of real estate developments
  • The synergies of a real estate group present throughout Switzerland
  • A local broker dedicated to the marketing of your programme

Marketing & digital

Tailor-made support to fit your project in order to guarantee optimal visibility using current means of communication, ranging from traditional tools and advertising media to state-of-the-art digital technologies

Examples of media and visibility resources for your project:

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