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Looking for experts in architecture and construction ?

We offer a complete, personalised service in architecture, renovation, space planning, new construction, client representation, property maintenance, purchaser support (joint-ownership properties) and the fitting out of show flats (home staging).

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Professional approach

We guarantee a professional, flexible and fully personalised approach, whatever your expectations for your property :

  • Feasibility study to enhance your portfolio
  • Renovation of your flat or building
  • Construction of your property or house
  • Reorganisation of your work space via space planning



Our architects and construction managers guide and advise our clients in a transparent manner throughout the project development process. This comprehensive monitoring guarantees the efficient implementation of our clients’ projects. It includes everything from the initial feasibility analysis, search for parties, preliminary study, draft, final project and submission of permit applications to the technical and financial follow-up of the project.


Our teams have many years of experience in the renovation and energy efficiency improvement of all types of building. Our renovation department relies on rigorous, precise and methodical processes and is particularly qualified for carrying out complex renovations on occupied sites. One of our key skills is the refurbishment of buildings whilst allowing the residents or users to remain inside. This preserves the rental condition of the property during the work.

Space planning

We design and implement projects for fitting administrative, medical or commercial areas in an ergonomic, functional, bright and comfortable way that combines modernity with practicality.

Client representation

We represent the client during the project (new construction – renovation – refurbishment or conversion) in dealings with a builder (general or total contractor), an architect’s office or planning office (project and implementation as architect or planner).

Portfolio maintenance

The maintenance of a building’s assets is very important: we assist you with all your decisions to ensure the sustainability of the property.

We carry out all the technical analyses and budgeting required in the short, medium and long term, taking into account any status reports. We also optimise spaces (in flats, offices and commercial premises) in compliance with the applicable standards, either in-house or with first-class technical partners.

After analysing the CEBSPlus (and SSREI and DBS DATA) energy reports drawn up by our partners, which indicate the precise energy index of the building, we define the type of work that needs to be carried out whilst applying for the relevant subsidies.

We are able to order all the necessary analyses that are compulsory for the detection of building pollutants in the various areas where work is to be carried out.

We respect your property and meet all energy and environmental standards.

Purchaser support

Systematic support for purchasers is provided throughout the entire project implementation process and its various milestones.

We guide and advise purchasers (joint-ownership properties) on technical choices or decisions related to finishing and interior work.

We hand over all project documents in full transparency, including details of project costs and the cost share for each purchaser (joint-ownership properties).


Emeria Services For Individuals Finding Experts In Construction And Renovation

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