Putting a mountain property up for rent or sale

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Our real estate experts specialising in mountain properties will take care of your project to sell, buy or rent a flat or chalet.

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Our real estate services & expertise

Selling flats and chalets

We guide you through all the stages of your sales project, from the valuation of the property to the negotiation with the buyers and the finalisation of the sale.

Buying flats and chalets

We can help you find the right property and define your needs. We offer a wide selection of chalets, houses, studios and flats for sale in the mountains.

Renting flats and chalets

Discover our selection of properties to rent near your favourite resorts: chalets, studios and flats.

Estimation and valuation of your property

We offer you a free estimate by our local experts to determine and set the value of your property.

Seasonal and short-term rentals for your holidays

Our seasonal and short-term rentals allow you to enjoy great holidays in the mountains all year round. Whether you want a winter getaway on the ski slopes or a summer break in the mountains, there are many properties available through our network of Guinnard Bruchez Gaillard agencies. As a company that operates in the leisure tourism sector, Guinnard Bruchez Gaillard can not only point you towards the property best suited to your needs, but also advise you on the activities to try out with your family or among friends to ensure an enjoyable stay.

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