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Facilitim offers an innovative solution for neighbourhood management: taking care of the management of the infrastructure and all the logistics related to the activities carried out on a given site.

Facilitim, proven experience in managing complex neighbourhoods

The densification of urban centres results in the planning of new complex neighbourhoods that require daily presence and management. Facilitim is the ideal partner to take care of the complete management of a building or a group of buildings. It accompanies the various stakeholders at each stage of the project, starting with the design of the neighbourhood. Facilitim offers its services as early as the construction stage, ensures the transition as far as site operation is concerned, and finally, once the project has been completed, maintains an on-site presence by remaining available to the inhabitants and managing the logistics associated with the activities carried out (administrative, general and operational management).

Facilitim is the central point of contact for all aspects of the site’s operational management and offers additional customised services such as eco-management, personal services and the Service Centre.

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